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Everyone must have heard the fantastic crazy from dead letter office by pylon. But who are Pylon and why did they never achieve huge commercial success? In the dead letter office sleeve peter says how much better their record sounded than chronic town (i 'm sure it wasn't). So does anyone know any info on this band and any records they released?

Amit B

-- Amit B (, June 17, 2000


pylon was supposedly the bridge band between rem and the b52s. which they really kinda were, they had that guitar jangle thing (like rem) and the dance music (like the b52s) all in one. they were basically a party band and a great one! i have a greatest hits and i love putting it on at parties. its a shame that their albums are all out of print.

-- jason (, June 17, 2000.

On the b52s, i believe it was the b52s singer who did the backing vocals on shiny happy people. An irrelavent comment, but i thought i'd leave it anyway...

-- mark (, June 30, 2000.

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