Los Alamos spies can steal secrets and return them easily

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The missing hard drives have mysteriously reappeared in a secure area. They were apparently smuggled out and smuggled back in. Where was security? There was a report that after the fires, the workers were ordered to evacuate immediately and they were not even given time to secure the top secret materials and equipment. The fires were a cover for the espionage? A worker even called in to a local radio station when it happened and that is probably documented if the tapes were saved. This is an outrage. Come on ALBORE, make a name for your self and solve this who dun it. Was the Democrat party or the Administration involved? It sure looks suspicious.

-- Tom (Amazed@notstupid.gom), June 16, 2000


Tom, if one has the history under their belt, they (we) were forewarned about this by another poster, when the fires began. Y2K possibility, coupled with our history of the stock market crash, WWI and WW2, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm, the Kovoso people who fled in desperation. We have a history, and we have a right to hold arms. And Hold Arms, we do.... You should have seen the empty ammunition shelves at the local WalMart. What a sight, of empty shelves of ammunition! There is some fire power, somewhere. Signed, A Grandmother.

-- Granny (Spe@kingdatruth.com), June 16, 2000.

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