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I have started a program of meditation, however I find it difficult to 'still my mind'. I read in your book about tapes available to assist with this. Where are these tapes avaiable from? Do you have a stockist in Melbourne, Australia? I have also heard of tapes available from an organisation called the Synchronicity Foundation that claim to promote alpha meditation - have you heard of these? Do you know if they are as good as they say? Also, regarding Denny Johnson's upcoming Australian visit, I am a Student at the Melbourne College of Natural Medicine, currently studying Rayid by correspondence as part of my naturopathy course. I am aware of the intensive Rayid course available at the college but I was wondering if Denny would be giving any other talks on Rayid while he is here. I would love to hear him speak. Thankyou

-- Glenda Cass (, June 16, 2000


glenda, i think you are the glenda i know from college?????spin to talk to you further and have a good 'ol fashioned catch up also.....hope your well......nina

-- nina stabey (, September 02, 2001.

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