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Please can someone help with this query?

My partner has 20,000 of debt from credit cards & loans etc. His debtors don't know where he is, and have not known for 3 years. He has considered going bankrupt to clear his debt (he doesn't want to pay it as it is his first wife's debt and he pays over 250pcm to her via the CSA.) He has no assets (we live with his mum in her house) and he supports myself and my son and pays maintenance. We need to move as we are being hounded by his ex-wife (oh how I wish it was only the loan sharks!!) I have tried the CAB and was actually turned away as my local branch do not have a money manager.

We reckon that we have 2 options: can anyone advise?

1) He now maybe in a position to offer to pay off his debts and give a bank a 10,000 deposit on a small house in England. He earns around 20,000pa. If he pays off the debts will they still see him as a credit risk? He additionally gave his 1st flat back to his lender voluntarily. Amazingly he contacted that lender yesterday who claimed that there was no shortfall on the debt. (Do we belive that?)

2) Alternatively (and the option we prefer)is we may be able to move abroad (Southern Ireland) and instead of paying of his debts with the 20,000: add that to the 10,000 deposit he has already, and ask a bank in Southern Ireland if they would give him just a small mortgage or even a loan. (We only need a small property.)

What does anyone think? What kind of procedures are taken by banks in other countries when you ask for a mortgage there? He will be working and earning around 20,000 pa but will have ccj's and all that stuff on his file in the UK. Can his English debtors chase him over in Southern Ireland?

Also has anyone any information on the CSA in Southern Ireland? Will he still have to pay it? We cannot afford to pay of the debts and the CSA (and that is living with his mortgage or rent!)

I would be eternally grateful if anyone could help. I also have some other queries for anyone who has the time if they could mail me. I need someone who has been here before, there is no one else to ask. I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LONG MAIL. THERE ARE SO MANY (OF US) PEOPLE ABOUT WITH HUGELY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS....IT IS TRULEY DISTRESSING.

-- Ana Wetherby (, June 16, 2000

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