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Having used the tool for a few hours I have encountered the following problems - 1. How does one enter information into the sub-keywords box (step 6 of 15)? 2. The button (bottom left of screen) which read citation yesterday now reads classification - why? Does it have the same function? 3. Concerning your answer to Andrew's question about ranking - do we give a high overall ranking to well-produced sites which nevertheless contain little material on Ireland or Irish history? Is it the production values of the site, or site's usefulness to Irish historians that we are expected to assess? 4. If an article on Irish history appears on the screen, are we expected to classify the article itself or the webpage in which it appears?

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2000


Classification is supposed to read citation please excuse the error. I hope to be able to fix this tomorrow. please pass on this information or refer others to this site. many thanks, David

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2000

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