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Personally...I still always check in with MRMRSKURIUS...I know I'm gonna see SOMETHIN' WEIRD someday.
I like Swingers 2000...they from Michigan...he types almost constantly no matter what they're doing...they are very interactive...

hmmmmmmm......scary.....favorite nekkids........

-- Em (, June 16, 2000


I still look in at MrsK, but she's been kinda boring lately.

There's a woman who's on frequently, Alyoop -- total basket case. She gets naked and masturbates and uses dildos and vibrators and stuff, but she freaks the fuck out if she thinks women are watching her. While she was doing her thing last night, somebody posted "Are any women out there watching this?" Alyoop stops dead, points the cam at her lamp for the next 5 minutes, and rails on in the chat room about lesbos and how sick and gross women watching other women are, and how the guy who said that ruined everything for her and how she had to go gag now just thinking about it.

I'm pretty sure that the next time I see her I'm going to jump in on whatever chat room she's in and send her lesbian love notes until she has a nervous breakdown.

-- Nicole (, June 16, 2000.

Geez, I'm lucky if I can get the nekkids video to work, let alone chat. For some reason the chat thing just won't work for me at all. I don't have a favorite cause I can hardly ever get the thing to work. I'm guessing maybe it's my lack of RAM (24 megs), but Em, don't you have a small amoung of RAM too?? Who knows. Maybe once I get it updated I'll be able to join in the fun.

-- Becca (, June 16, 2000.

The Nekkids always crash my Netscape browser- try it in Microsoft Explorer. It seems to be a little more stable that way. As far as the chat thing- I couldn't tell ya...

-- Jaeme (, June 16, 2000.

Ah....Alyoop...yes..Dennis and I were talking about her today when we were lookin' at the nekkids...yup...freak.

-- Em (, June 17, 2000.'s AOL...I couldn't get them either unless I opened IE separately...then I went to aol's kewyord browser...and even though I had the version, supposedly that is newest, I hit "upgrade" anyway...and voila...they be workin'!!!!

-- Em (, June 17, 2000.

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