210/6.1 Schneider Xenar

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Would the Schneider 210/6.1 Xenar be a good lens for landscapes and general photography? I have read that some of the Xenars are sharp in the center, but soft toward the edges. I don't do prints larger than 11x14. Thanks.

-- Don Sparks (Harleyman7@aol.com), June 15, 2000


The Schneider website gives 225mm of coverage at F6.1, and 249mm coverage at F22, so I would think it would perform very well on 4x5, or even 5x7.

-- Ron Shaw (shaw9@llnl.gov), June 15, 2000.

This lens is in my opinion excellent. Very sharp, natural colors, overall a bit on the yellow side though. Of my 8 lenses, the one I use most (on 4x5).

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), June 15, 2000.

Harley, just a supplementary note: When I bought this lens, it's price was around $ 500, which helped a lot make my decision. Now seeing it's actual price on the US market, I think there are some worthy contenders among Fuji, Nikon and even Schneider lenses. Just unable to speak from experience.

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), June 16, 2000.

The MTF chart on the 210 Xenar indicates the image quality will start to go soft rapidly around the 60% point, which is an image circle of about 149mm at f/22. Inside the 60% circle, the image quality is crisp and sharp.

The 210 Xenar at infinity will be nice and sharp except a few millimeters in the extreme corners. It will soften up more when you use movements and get beyond that 60% boundary.

-- Bruce Gavin (doc@compudox.com), June 16, 2000.

Keep in mind that the circle of coverage gets larger as you focus closer. The infinity numbers are worst case. I dont think I have ever taken a shot while focused at infinity.

-- Ron Shaw (shaw9@llnl.gov), June 16, 2000.

I think the Xenars are single coated, as there is no "MC" engraving on the lenses. Despite that, they produce brilliant images. Probably the small amount of glass-air surfaces did not require multicoating. (Sorry, Don, for mixing up your name in my previous input!)

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), June 17, 2000.

Just checked the Nikkor W 5,6 210. At f22: 295 mm image circle. Weighs 80 g more and costs $80 more. Designed with six elements, integrated multicoating... might be a valid alternative.

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), June 17, 2000.

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