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The difference between a well-kept car and a not so well-kept car is ... well, its well-kept! I'd normally send in my vehicles for servicing every 2 months or 5000 km whichever comes first. At about B$100 to $200 per servicing, it's a hefty and quite a sizeable chunk out of my wallet! Multiply that for 3 cars ... and yes, you can get broke quite easily. What's your side of the story?

-- Bandi (, June 14, 2000


For me, 3 month or 5000km which ever come first is my choice. Although most of the original maintaince shop prefer Shell engine oil, but I personally prefer Mobil 1 5w/50. The engine seem very stable & quiet while in idle time, the price is around $70~$80 together with oil filter. For the fuel filter, I would prefer change 3 month once a time. For the Air cleaner, coz I use the sport filter, although it is very expensive than original one, but if u protect it well, it can last to 2~3 year, normally while I service my car, I'll wash it. One more thing, if u r really love ur car, try to DIY (Do It Yourself). U can save the labour charge & save a lot of money too... learn more about ur car too =)

-- Axcis (, August 23, 2000.

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