June 13th, 2000 Minutes

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Sacred Heart Music Center Minutes of the Board of Directors, June 13, 2000

The meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m. at C. W. Chips Restaurant by Present Hans Aas. Present were board members Aas, Reitan, Bradley MacLeod, Anderson and Eaton. Guest Sue Maki joined the group. Kay Kleffman, Volunteer Coordinator/Administrative Assistant was also present.

Phil Bradley made a motion that Kay Kleffman take the minutes of the Board meetings and send them out within 5 days. Hans second. Cheryl disagreed. This was not in Kay9s job description. The board specifically decided they were a working board and everyone would do their own job. The secretary not doing the job is the issue. Also, it is very hard to have an important task like minutes given to someone at a meeting with no discussion before hand. Janet had made arrangements for Cheryl to take the June meeting minutes. Terry offered to help get the minutes up on the Sacred Heart board site. There was discussion about rotating the responsibility of minute taking. We tabled the discussion until the next meeting.

The minutes were approve with a note that Matt Faeber can9t be appointed to the program committee if he hasn9t said yes yet.

The treasurers report was accepted.

Hans led a discussion about fundraising. He and Ruth Ann will get the committee together to draft a prospect list and put the prospects into categories of giving. They will then divide up the work of asking each prospect. They will try and plan a 7 a.m - 9 a.m. Meeting at the Kitchie Gammi Club. There is no word on the $25,000 matching grant from Norwest/Wells Fargo. Elisa has asked for past grants for a template and is researching foundations that fund capital projects.

Hans attended the CCAC meeting about the Block grant priorities. Because he made it to the meeting, he was able to get historic preservation and Sacred Heart Music Center identified as a neighborhood priority. He told the CCAC group that Sacred Heart was going to ask for $80M for a floor and $70M for the back wall repair for a total of $150,000. Hans and Ruth Ann will meet with Ed Russell at Minnesota Power. Terry had some ideas about giving vehicles. Kay mentioned the parking study for downtown and the possibility for funds for more parking places.

Program fundraising. SHMC received $2,000 from the Minnesota State Arts Board for the next year9s season. Cheryl reported on program fundraising. She has written 5 proposals for program funds. 1) Francis and Joe Leek are interested in the proposal to fund the Sister City/Classic Retro concert at $2,500. 2) A proposal to the Fond du Lac Reservation for $1,500 to fund a free Native American celebration has been sent. 3) A proposal to Park State Bank to fund $1,800 fund the 3Lost Duluth2 photography show was sent. 4) She will send a $4,500 proposal to St. Marys/Duluth Clinic Foundation for the Gospel concert. Cheryl will ask Janet Blixt about the ARAC funding for Altan. 5) She will call Mary Jacobus at the Duluth News Tribune about funding a full-page ad and 15 1/4 page ads for the concert season.

Information system. Yahoo is unreliable as a email provider. Terry will check into some other options. Terry is trying to get a work study student at $2 per hour for 5 - 10 hours a week. Jon is almost done with the SHMC mailing list. Terry and Hans will look for a new computer monitor and a copier.

Rental fees were discussed. We talked about lowering the rental to $250 for educational and non-profit groups. Janet MacLeod and Terry brought up a percentage plan (25 - 50 percent of the gate). Hans liked the idea of getting hillside businesses to sponsor high school music groups. Cheryl asked for people with ideas to bring in a proposal for the next meeting. As it stands the rental is still $400 and groups can write a letter to the executive committee or the board if they want the fee lowered.

The Chamber of Commerce asked for a $250 fee for a fall event. The board agreed. They will need to get security and a one-time alcohol use permit if they serve alcohol. Michael Barone is organizing a state-wide series of organ concerts in honor of J.S. Bach9s death. The SHMC event would be on Nov. 18. They will ask for donations to Sacred Heart for the rental fee. The board agreed.

Program The AGO October concert is canceled. Janet offered to do more organ concerts. Cheryl said there were a lot of openings in the winter and spring. The fall is really booked with concerts. Terry offered to work with Janet on a class on 3Music for Organ in the Church2 as a fundraiser. A Midwest Organ Crawl was also brought up as a possibility. Terry also had an idea about a 3New artist2 series for the 2001-2002 season. Matt Faeber9s UWS choir may be interested in a concert. Building Supervision - Phil made a motion to accept Salter-Bowman9s offer to handle heat and electricity for SHMC at a nominal cost. Second Janet M. Passed. Kay said there is something wrong with the sump-pump.

Terry Anderson agreed to chair membership as well as the organ committee. Cheryl passed out the committee list discussed at the last meeting. Terry, Kay, Jon and Ruth Ann will send out the membership renewals. They will write to the Chamber members inviting them to join SHMC.

Kay reported that the girl Scouts will build a garden for SHMC in exchange for meeting at the center 3 hours a week. This is great for our neighborhood involvement.

Kay is taking names for volunteers to sit at the SHMC folk festival booth.

The board received information about joining the visitor9s bureau for $175/ a year and the downtown council. The decision was tabled until the next meeting.

The board thanked Kay for the wonderful job she did putting the TGIFF Chamber meeting together. The board thanked Terry for his great work putting the European Organ trip together. After all the checks are in, it will be $10,000 for SHMC. Terry shared a little bit about his trip and talked about putting pictures of the trip up on a web site! Thank you notes to Ron Seline at Engwalls and Michael Barone were signed.

The meeting was adjourned. Respectfully submitted, by Cheryl Reitan

Cheryl Riana Reitan 218-726-8996 creitan@d.umn.edu FAX 218-726-6186 Publications Director, University of Minnesota Duluth 315 Darland, 10 University Drive, Duluth, MN 55812

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2000

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