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Lucknow Telephone Services Disrupted

June 14, 2000

The Times of India News Service

LUCKNOW: Telephone services were disrupted once again on Tuesday. Even as scores of complaints poured in from consumers, officers of the telephone department maintained that "everything was under control."

Residents of the Mahanagar locality complained about the dial tone disappearing suddenly. At some places, only incoming calls could be received. Making STD calls also became difficult as most of the time the lines either remained engaged or the message `check the number you have dialled' was heard.

Officers of the telephone department described it as a "minor problem" of overloading in the morning which was sorted out by the evening. General Manager, telephones, DK Sinha, when contacted, said no significant problem was reported. Incidentally, the Kaiserbagh exchange had crashed on Tuesday last paralysing services for almost six hours.

-- (, June 14, 2000

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