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I'm trying to play a VCD on my PC for the first time, but my CD-ROM drives are having difficulty reading it. The drives are a Mitsumi FX600S, and a Memorex CRW-1622. Under Windows 95, the disk reads extremely slowly, 0.1X or worse. I copied some of the smaller .dat files from the Mpegav directory on the disk to my hard drive, and they played perfectly from there. Using DOS CD drivers, the disk reads quickly but incorrectly: the files are smaller than they should be, and Windows Media Player won't play them. I was able to duplicate the VCD using NTI CD-Copy without a problem, but the copy has the same problems as the original. By the way, the VCD is version 2.0. Any suggestions?

-- Jeremy (, June 14, 2000


The problem could be due to the CD-R media itself. Or the CD burner that you use to burn that VCD disk. Try different brands of CD-R. Try to borrow a good VCD made by someone you know then try. This is how to find what's really wrong.

-- ktnwin (, March 13, 2001.

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