Ohio River & Western Railroad????

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Basically i'm looking for any info i can find on what appears to have been a Narrow Gauge line that ran thru Summerville, Ohio. Later to be taken over by the PRR. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

-- Mike Snodgrass (mdssail@yahoo.com), June 14, 2000



Recently, Ed Cass published a book on the OR&W. It is still available. Articles and drawings have appeared regularly in NG&SLG and other magazines. In the early 1970's there was a book called the BZ&C (Belaire, Zanesville & Southwestern). Sanborn maps exist of Caldwell and at some point parts of Summerville appeared on the Caldwell maps.

-- David Keith (dckeith@iti-oh.com), July 12, 2000.


Find a copy of Hilton's American Narrow Gauge Railroads. It is still in print. I bought mine last year at Barnes & Noble. It has three columns and a bibliography on OR&N, pp.470-471. Basically, it was Ohio's longest surviving narrow gauge. Started in 1877 and bought by PRR in 1912. Part was dual-gauged. Last run was Memorial Day 1931. Hope this helps.


-- Jerry Dowling (jdowling@lcc.net), June 15, 2000.

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