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The church in America is going through a tremendous time of change. Externally, the world is pressing hard with the temptations that spring from a capitalist system: material acquisition, self-gratification, leisure time. Internally, we are confronted with the struggle between traditionalism and contemporary ministry.

How are we doing? At some point in our eternal future, we will hear the following questions: Did you feed the hungry? Did you quench the thirsty? DId you take in the Stranger? Did you clothe the naked? Did you visit the imprisoned?

Each of us is a member of a local assembly bearing the name "Church". How faithful has your local assembly been to these five questions?

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2000



Great post so I will attempt to be brutally honest in my response. Collectively these questions define what is described in the French tongue as our "raison'd etre". The spiritual essence of the church's existence is to minister to humankind. From where I sit and worship my Sunday School class addresses the questions of hunger and thirst. Our church does have a clothing ministry but I'm not sure when distribution is provided. Accomodating the homeless and developing a prison ministry are two areas where we need greater involvement. Overall, I would give "us" a grade of C+. Woe is me!! If we don't get a makeup opportunity our fate will be similar to the goats and the tares. I am thankful for mercy because this admission of mediocrity would surely not warrant hearing the blissful words, "Well Done Thou Good & Faithful Servant".

-- Anonymous, June 13, 2000

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