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I can play regular VCDs that I've burned with EZ CD Creator on my Phillips 711, but the res is a tich disappointing. Does anyone know if this DVD player will play SVCD's? If not I might trade it in on a Raite that is advertized to play the SVCDs. Thanks

-- dennis ostrem (, June 11, 2000


I have a Phillips 718 (which I think is the Australian version of the 711) and SVCD is recognised in the DVD splash screen and the disk plays OK.

-- Garth (, June 13, 2000.

I run SVCD's on my Pillips 711. It was kinda tricky. You need to adhere to the 480x480 SVCD standard and burn your video to CD with Nero 5.x+. You should try and use RW's since their will be some trial and error. I had no luck with SVCD and EZ CD Creator.

Hope this helps Warren

-- warren (, November 19, 2001.

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