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Do you like company picnics? What makes for a good one (or a bad one)?

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2000



-- Anonymous, June 12, 2000

I HATE company picnics (and sorry for the slip of the thumb before I got this qualified). I've never been to a good one, so I wouldn't know what makes one.

Every one of Leo's company picnics has been held at really nice facilities but then the guys bring along a tv and watch whatever game is on. The women end up cooking and comparing detergents. GAK!!!

As for kids...the ones that have come would make better gator bait than anything else.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2000

I used to simply adore going to the company picnics sponsored by my Dad's company. It was in this beautiful wooded park that stayed moderately cool even in the middle of July. Horseshoes, small carnival rides, bingo, free ice cream, and all the soda I could drink!

Put me in the same circumstances today and I would nearly tear my hair out. It was one of the summer's great highlights for me back then though.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2000

I'm indifferent. I enjoy them well enough, but they're either people I see every day (co-workers) or people I see once a year at the company picnic (family members of co-workers) ... not necessarily the ones I'd most enjoy spending that kind of an event with.

Baker Street

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2000

I must be showing how totally uncool I am, huh? I loved big informal gatherings as a kid and love them now, for nearly the same reason... Mind you, I've been to some bad company picnics (different company) - but for me they were bad because everyone was still 'networking' and in work-mode.

Now, not to change the subject or anything, but I'm DYING to know... Neil, you caught fire while naked??????

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2000


Well... not on fire per se. I did burn myself though. I was attempting to light three candles with one match and, quite predictably, run out of match before I ran out of unlit candles.

Doesn't everyone shower by candlelight with their honey every once in a while? If you don't then you should.


-- Anonymous, June 16, 2000

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