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Ok guys i have read alot of mixed stuff about Dazzle and you all have me confused now all i would like to know is what should i buy i do not have alot of money, but i would like to put all my VHS tapes on to VCD. I went out and bought the Asus AGP 6800 Video card thinking that it would do what i wonted but it only captures in AVI and AVI is just way to big and you have that damm 2 gig limit. and the VCD come out like crape. but every one has me confused on what to buy now I was thinking about Dazzle or Pinnacle, but like I say every one has mixed filling about both of them i know i cant afford anything but around 300 bucks and that it. So could some one give me a good suggestion and not the runaround. Thnaks

-- Todd (, June 10, 2000


Well if you don't like the avi output as its too big, then i would suggest going with a dazzle more so then the pinnacle (i own both). However make sure you get the dazzle usb version. I WILL TELL YOU THIS NOW THOUGH, if you buy a dazzle expect a few other added processes you will have to go through in order to make the vcd look good, not like crap. More of capture your movie, then encode it then burn. Trust me when i say im probably one of dazzles most noted supporters and users and help people all the time with it. I have captured up to close to 2hrs with a dazzle (fell alseep thats why) and your mpegs are still under 2 gigs. But in general you will have to make some added time foryourself as its easy, but its not a quick 1,2,3 process.

-- Doug (, June 10, 2000.

Hi, Fancy to biy my Broadway Card? i sell it for 400 dollars, bought it for 600. cheers

-- Angelos (, November 04, 2000.

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