FS-1 Problems

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I tried to send this message to the two gentlemen that are given in the Help Section (Greg Weber and Bill Malloch) but I got a bounce for undeliverable mail for each of them - Can ANYONE help me on this???


Dear Sir:

I purchased my Autoreflex T(2) when my first child was born and have had NOTHING but very good luck with it for these 26 years (a very few repairs only - like the foam seal). I have enjoyed it so much that I bought a FS-1 on eBay and received it today. It seems to work well - motor runs, shutter fires, meter reads, etc. BUT before putting film in it the first time I tried to check out how it worked by looking through the shutter to see the diaphragm working. Surprise - the diaphragm stays FULLY opened all the time! The Circular piece that has the little "finger" on the bottom of it that moves to set the diaphragm seems to be turned fully counterclockwise (at about 5:30 position while the same part on the T is at about 7:30 position) and doesn't move when the camera is fired.

Without seeing this camera (as you are reading this) is this a common problem, is it repairable, is it expensive, are you interested in fixing it, did I just buy a "parts" camera? The camera otherwise looks nice and I would like the advantage of another body as well as not worrying about where to get the old mercury batteries for the T (I was able to get some recently though)...

Thanks for your insight into this.


Lee Jones

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2000



Dear Lee I am on shaky ground as I reply to your posting, but I think I am correct when I recommend that you return the camera to the seller at eBay if the camera was claimed to be in working order. The reason for this is firstly that the FS-1 is mechanically very complicated, and getting the mechanical coupling to the diaphragm adjusted properly after reassembly is tricky, hence expect to pay the repairman for his time. Secondly, by choosing the FS-1 you swapped one battery problem for another: The FS-1 is very hungry, a problem they solved in the FT-1. Hence if batteries for the Autoreflex T's are available, choose a T3, if not choose an FT-1.



-- Anonymous, June 16, 2000

FS-1 vs FT-1


Interesting that you mention the fact that FS-1s eat through batteries. When I got my first FS-1 (my first Konica experience), I though something was wrong with it given the way it chewed through batteries. However, I now have a second FS-1 and it also eats through the batteries at an unbelievable rate. I went with the FS-1 over the FT-1 because of the price difference and several references I found suggesting the differences between the two were minimal. Any other major differences that I should think about as a consider purchasing an FT-1?


Steve S.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2000

FS-1 Batteries

Folks, Sad to say, FS-1's DO eat batteries. The only real alternative I have come up with is to use lithium batteries in the AA size. I know, I know, they are real expensive. The upside is that they last at least 3 times as long as alkalines and for some reason the cameras work better with them. Well, they seem happier anyway. As has been stated here before, the problem was corrected in the FT-1. As for which camera is "better" one must weigh the pluses and the minuses of each. BTW, an old trick I have used with the FS-1 is to pull the battery pack off when storing the camera for any length of time. It appears that there is a slight drain even when shut off.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2000

Lee, I have scrutinized my small group of Konicas of various vintages. Looked "down their throats" so to speak. If the part you are talking about is indeed the diaphragm-actuating arm, then the position you cite for the T is correct. My A's have the same set-up, whereas my FS-1's, T-3 and A-3 have the 5:30 position. My TC is lacking this arm, but somehow manages to work!!?? This part does move on the FS-1 when the shutter is fired. If yours doesn't, then it is obviously broken. I don't believe it to be a major repair since the camera is built in a modular fashion and the related parts are quite accessible from the mount side. However, I would definitely get an estimate before agreeing to repairs. If the cost of repair is over half what you paid for the camera, I would write it off as a "parts" camera. Sorry to be so pessemistic.

Jon from Deepinaharta, Georgia

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2000

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