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I just went to the whitehouse library awhile ago, i read somewhere about executive order #13122, so I went to the library to check it out.

I found it...have to have key words to find things in there.

So while I was at it I typed in planet X got one EO 6-29-1993...

so I tried 'sustainable development', got 13 EO'S, typed in 'the end' just for fun and got 23 EO'S type in NAFTA, you get 3# 13126 pretty much says how child labor is bad but if the countries are members of the WTO or NAFTA America's hands are tied;

Type in Southwest, and see how we are giving our border regions back to Mexico well 150 miles of it, you easterners won't have to go quite as far to find Mexico soon.

Beings I live in Texas I see it, industry is leaving to Mexico and S.A., NAFTA was suppose to give jobs to us, it has ruined us, go read some E.O's see what the King is doing before your eyes.

-- et (, June 09, 2000



-- al-d. (, June 09, 2000.

How about an addy et?

-- Carlos (, June 10, 2000.

If there's anything to this then you should be able to provide the White House links...

-- Feet (on@Missouri.ground), June 10, 2000.

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