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I am trying to play a VCD on my Samsung 709. When I place it in the machine and press play, it recognises it as a Video-CD but the screen remains black and the counter does not move off 00:00:00.

I then tried it in my PC: the CD's structure was as follows: D:/amovie.exe D:/mpegav/ D:/avseq01.dat

amovie.exe is the install for Microsoft ActiveMovie, avseq01.dat is the movie data file, and I was able to run it using ActiveMovie.

The disk is a Japanese managa called "Adventure Duo Yooujyunsen Episdoes 1 & 2" (c) 1995 Kiseki Films. It is a boxed original and doesn't seem very dirty or very scratched.

Unfortunately I don't have any other VCD's to try, so I'm not sure if the disc could be at fault.

Any ideas?

-- Nizam Ahmed (, June 09, 2000


maybe VCD 1.1 format...see if your SAMSUNG support this format.

-- lnguyen (, June 09, 2000.

The Samsyng 709 is reknowned for not playing certain VCD/DVD films. Do you have the latest firmware in your player? If not you need to take the player back to your distributer and get them to update it. This will be free if you are still within your 12 mths warrenty period. If you can play "theres something about Mary" then you have the latest firmware (drivers, to you and me). Also, The 709 will only accept certain VCD's, especially those on CDR (pirates). The player will only accept Certain CDR disks.... Primo etc...

-- Slyman (, December 17, 2001.

i am having the same problem please please csn you tell em a way to get round it i have looked up on it and it says samsungs are finkinky about cd-r how can i get round it please help thanks

-- alkesh (, May 03, 2003.

Only Paradox and Vivastar CDs will play as either audio or VCDs in this player.

I have experimented expensively at length with lots of different CDs and these were the only two brands that would work.

The Vivastar are quite expensive (From Switzerland) and the Paradox aren't that great quality but you can copy your VCD to one of these and be able to watch it

-- junk (, December 30, 2003.

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