What is your truth?

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Do you think I'm full of shit? Partly right? Totally right? What's your view? Tell me your version.

-- Jenna (internity@diarist.net), June 09, 2000


Jenna, On this I agree with you totally. There is only one truth and our ability to see that truth is limited. However, I think the truth doesn't change... that it is static and it our our ability to see that truth that is ever changing. The more we grow, the more we are able to see the truth. I do not think the truth changes from individual to individual, only their ability to see it. Well that's what I think anyway!


-- Pat Stubbs (spiritd1@intelos.net), June 10, 2000.

Hey, Jen, long time no speak! Well, I just wanted to respond to this little tid-bit, b/c it's highly inflamatory, and I just can't resist. I think you missed the point of "truth." What is truth, Jen? Note the difference, not, "what is THE truth?" just, "what is truth?" Can we even begin to comprehend that question? And if you think you can, how can you be sure that there is only one truth? Are you sure this is not just a product of your background in the Judao-Christian tradition? The ancient Greeks belived that truth, and indeed morality, is completely relative to your situation. I think the real question here is, "what is truth?" Even by your definition, you can't possibly comprehend all of this "universal truth," but if you can't even begin to comprehend more than your little piece, how can you know that there is ONLY one such truth? Besides that, and more basically, how can you posit this idea of "truth," when we don't even know what "truth" is? Just some food for thought... And why did you have to bring Heinlen into it? ;-) I think Heinlen would've had a cow. The whole point of "thou art god," is to show that there ARE no universal truths, only the ones that each of us makes for him or herself.

-- Will Hudson (hudsowb0@seraph1.sewanee.edu), June 22, 2000.

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