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Mine is getting enough stuff to amend my sand hill I live on.

-- Renee (, June 09, 2000


Putting beds between large trees with lots of roots is DEFINITELY a challenge.

Most people either resort to planting a ground cover, using raised beds or planting vines.

Good luck on getting it done!

-- Rene (, June 13, 2000.


Mine is getting my husband motivated to create another bed between these two big trees in the back yard. He keeps promising to have some dirt delivered so we can plant some things out there. The roots are raised above the ground, making it impossible to mow around or over. The idea of a flower bed was perfect, but we still haven't done anything about it. It's frustrating and, so far, my greatest garden challenge this year. :)

-- Lee Ann (, June 12, 2000.

Thanks Renee. I need all the "good luck" I can get.

We are planning on getting a dump truck load of dirt delivered and making a HUGE raised bed between them. One of the trees is a gum tree and the other is a tulip poplar (I think that's spelled right).

They are beautiful trees but they are HUGE and the roots on top of the ground are huge, also. I just want to get it done and over with before it gets too extremely hot and we end up putting it off until next year.

Keep sending the good luck vibes this way. I need them. :)

-- Lee Ann (, June 13, 2000.

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-- imme (¿¿¿??, January 21, 2003.

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