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Does any of Poe's work feature a talking tree?

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2000



Regretfully, I am unable to recall, off hand, any specific poem or story of Poe's that features a speaking tree. If anyone can recall such a tale, I would be interested as well. The only immediate recollection was his mention of the loss of his ".. summer dream beneath the tamarind tree." in his "Sonnet - To Science".

Perhaps, you may be referring to the grumpy apple tree in Lyman Frank Baum's 1900 children's story, "The Wizard of Oz". He teamed up with W. W. Denslow, an illustrator, to create this wonderful tale of fantasy that has been turned into stage plays and put on film twice. The first film was in 1920 (I think) and the second, starring Judy Garland, was released in 1939 and is still very popuplar today.


-- Anonymous, June 09, 2000

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