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This web page has maps with the winners' routes drawn in. It would be a good way to do some armchair map reading practice:

-- Michael (, June 08, 2000


Armchair, or computer chair??

I'm *still* trying to figure out how to manipulate the gif image so that I can print it off. My current thought is to save it, then open it in a paint program and shrink it, then (if I really want the correct scale) run down to Kinko's to re-enlarge it.

And, besides, while we can see the routes, what were they thinking???

-- Fritz (, June 09, 2000.

And, besides, while we can see the routes, what were they thinking??? Here is my guess...

Gotta pay attention...gotta read the map...look for the hard....(but in Swedish of course).

-- Michael (, June 09, 2000.

Well, I saved the gif files, then opened them in, of all things, the long-ago received copy of the Opera program. In there, I could reduce the image to, say, 80% and print the full map on a single page. Wonder of wonders!

And as to what they are thinking?

If all it consists of is "gotta do 'x'" may I remind Mike of the time when he said to himself, "gotta rehydrate". It was only after the meet, that he figured out that such thinking is not specific enough and he had to break it down so he could successfully complete his goal. Maybe I should ask more what the underlying thoughts were, ie what features were they looking for, how did they plan the routes (and please don't say 'go straight') etc.

-- Fritz (, June 10, 2000.

Well, I can look at a leg and speculate about what a runner might have been thinking. Open this map in another browser window to see the legs:

Here are my guesses about what the runner might have been thinking on a few of the legs.

Start to 1: Quickly orient the map. The leg looks tough. Have to take it slow. Look at the compass (maybe even take a bearing). The control has a little cliff just to the left and another cliff just behind it. I don't need to worry about going too far -- the cliffs would stop me. Look for the yellow areas and some stones just after going over the hill.

2 to 3: Look at the compass and orient the map. It looks like another tricky leg - best to take it a bit slow. I want to go down the hill a few lines and it looks like the control will be on a spur- like area. If I'm lucky, I might be able to see the buildings beyond the control. If I can see the buildings, this control will be simple.

5 to 6: I need to push the pace on this leg. It looks pretty simple. Just head in the right direction -- check the compass -- and look for the ride and big knoll (which will be on my right). Try to stay in the flatter area just below the steep part of the knoll. Hold that contour level and look for the control on a bit of a spur with some yellow. Be careful about keeping the height -- don't want to miss this one by going below it.

-- Michael (, June 10, 2000.


That's what I need to practice.

Can we choose a map and post what we might think about each leg? It would help me to read how others think as they run. I think it would merely be amusing to read what I might think.

For example same map, leg 5 - 6: Ack! This looks vauge. OK. I can go rough compass and catch myself at the ditch corner near the marsh. Trail crossing shortly after that, with a knoll on my right. Use the knoll as my attack point and be careful once I go past the marsh south of it.

-- Fritz (, June 10, 2000.

Possible to translate the vagsvaltest page on that same site?

-- Fritz (, June 10, 2000.

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