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After speaking with the film buyer at Freestyle Sales Co., I found out they used to have Arista 125 and/or 400 available in 5x7. It did not sell so they discontinued it. If you are a 5x7 shooter and would buy either 100 or 400 Arista sheet film, please let me know as the gentlemen at Freestyle said he could possibly get it again, if the market was there. With a small gain in popularity in the 5x7 market I think we could have a film comparable to either Ilford FP4+ or HP5+, from Freestyle, at an attractive price. I use their 8x10 films & like them, so this would be the same film in the 5x7 size. If you are interested, please e-mail me. Let me know how many boxes of either 25 or 100 sheets you would be willing to buy in a years time. No money commitment and no money sent to me-I am just trying to get more film for a lower cost on this one. Freestyle would be the dealer, not me. So, if you are interested, please let me know how many sheets you would Realistically buy in a years time. Then, please put down whether the 125 or the 400 would interest you more. If both, fine. I know I would buy a minimum of 300 sheets the first year, or three 100 sheet boxes. I would probably buy more, but this is the minimum amount I know I would use in addition to my 300+ of TMax 100. Please be realistic in the estimate of how much film you would be able to purchase. If they do this we don't want them burned or stuck with film that goes bad due to no sales. Remember, Freestyle is the company that is helping keep Azo contact printing paper available on the market. They are willing to help out while making money, which I see as a win/win situation for us all. Know up front, I will save the names and e-mail addresses, with any mailing addresses you send and give them to the rep at Freestyle, UNLESS you specifically say DO NOT DO THIS. I think if he gets the names along with a stated interest in 'so many boxes of film', this will help a lot in going to his bosses and getting 5x7 Arista in the works. If you have any questions, please e-mail me with them and I will try to answer them. Many on this list shoot Arista films & having the 5x7 size would be nice for those of us who use it.

-- Dan Smith (, June 08, 2000

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