When will we return to our First Love?

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In a privately received reply, I was chastised for the political and religious nature of my recent posts. The respondent correctly observed an absence of "God, Jesus, saved, and the like" from most of what I write on this forum.

When shall we as a forum return to "our First Love?"

I for one am eternally grateful for the changing power of Christ - in my life, my habits, my nature. What's really exciting is that I know the change is not yet complete. John Wesley once described salvation as a three-fold process: we were saved for eternity by the sacrificial death of Jesus in our stead; we are saved from our fleshly past of corruption at the time of our personal confession; we will be ultimately saved at the time of our judgement, when He who shed His blood for us stands as our advocate and pleads mercy. It is this process of "working out one's soul salvation" that brings one aspect of excitement to my walk with Jesus.

While many of us who contribute here love the AME church, and many who read here probably love their own local assemblies, we must not lose sight of the true Church, and its Head: Jesus Christ. As Jesus warned the Church at Ephesus, "thou hast left thy first love".

Let's fall in love again.

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2000


Jerryl, I am a bit confused about this topic. I thought the purpose of this forum was to provide stimulating discussion about the present status of this denomination. I don't see where any of your prior posts have been "political". If we can't provide constructive criticism and discussion about the future direction of this Zion, then who "pray tell" will do it??? Perhaps it should be members of the AME hierarchy. Perhaps it should be Rush Limbaugh, Larry Elders, Dr. Laura or anyone of the regular radio talking heads. Or maybe just maybe it should be the Dean of Divinity at Howard, Harvard or Princeton Universities. I've been saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, fire-baptized and runnin' for Jesus for a mighty long time. But will a reaffirmation of my spiritual credentials solve the AME problems overnight? I think not. Perhaps we should re-read Hebrews 6:1-2.

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2000

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