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The problem is the drive does not even recognize that a cd is in the drive. I have scsi1hlp.vxd installed and the latest aspi layer (don't know if that matters). I also tried it in my SCSI CD burner, and get the same problem. I have tried Microsoft Media Player and PowerDVD.

Thanks in advance, Tom Macie

-- Tom Macie (, June 07, 2000


You are missing the scsi1hlp.vxd file in your windows\system\iosubsys subdirectory. This file is required to make the IDE CDROM to act like a SCSI drive so that .DAT files can be read or copy to the HD. The file is in one of the CAB files on the W98 or W95 disk. Copy this file to the above subdirectory and you will no longer get any errors. This file can also be downloaded at I had the same problem with my Kenwood 52 TrueX drive and this file corrected it. Good luck!

-- (, June 15, 2000.

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