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I go to Mexico every year in the summer and this year I'm for about 2 months, my family sends stuff to other family members who are down there. What can I do to pack light in easy-to-carry suitcases with all the stuff they send?

-- Diana K. (, June 07, 2000


Well, one thing is to resign yourself to doing the laundry daily. It's not much, but your underclothing, socks and whatever else has a layer of mud on it can be washed (using one of those flat stoppers you take along) in the sink with Woolite.

All your clothes can be of a quick dry nature. You can spend big bucks for this stuff thru Travelsmith or a few less at LandsEnd or even less with polyester from Target. Still, the length of the trip should be irrelevant. You can pack what you need in the one carryon, even if your clothes are boring you, no one else will notice. TerryD

-- TerryD (, February 12, 2001.

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