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Good day! Please Somebody help me to solve following problem: During encoding from MPEG to MPEG on Panasonic, usualy near the end of a file I receive the message: "can not get a frame data from a material file. Encoding aborted" It occurs on approx. 18 files out of 20 (!). These same files can be encoded on Xing perfectly well, but Panasonic's filters made my choice to Panasonic. After those Panasonic's abort of encoding, the first part of the file (encoded before abort) is OK - but cropped.

What's wrong?

Thank you in advance! Timur

-- (, June 07, 2000


this is from a previous post i answered about this question:

oh yeah that happens all the time. What this means is lets say your in putting an avi instead of an mpeg file. Most of or the majority of avis let you instal something called a "keyframe" for however many frames you want. a keyframe is kind of like a starting point sort of. Well anyway most mpegs have them but you cannot readily instal them however many frames you want. So when the panasonic is in its final stages of converting and cannot find the final keyframe, this message comes up. What this will do though is cut off the last 2-3 seconds of your clip. to avoid this you could convert it to an avi (and instal keyframes for every 1 frame) OR record an exact same layout clip (audio, video etc same as original file) of black space or whatever you want and make it about 3 seconds long. then join this new clip and the older one. When the panasonic gets towards the end and you get that message instead of your clip being cut, the "new' clip gets cut instead

-- Doug (, June 07, 2000.


-- lnguyen (, June 09, 2000.

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