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I want to create my own Video CD with my iMac (DV) it connect with my camcorder using fireware 1394. Acturally I can capture the video using iMoive it come with my Mac. So, what it the next step I should do to create VCD?

Any software and harware needed? What is the setting to do with?

Please help!

-- Kennedy Yiu (, June 07, 2000


I am also looking how to do it. Maybee you should have a look to the Adaptec home page (Toast Pro and more). If you search for "video" you will get a list with some interessting tools. (i.e. VideoCD)...

Let me now if you have other solutions for this issue. By the way - I created a Video/Audio Mpeg stream with QuickTime. Do you work with an other tool?

-- Marcel Witmer (, June 14, 2000.

I still looking for best way to create VCD on my iMac. Anyalsoe can you show me the way to create Video/Audio Mpeg stearm on iMac please help!

-- Kennedy Yiu (, June 14, 2000.

Get Heuris's Power Professional MPEG ($500) to convert your Quicktime movie into an "Adaptec acceptable" form. Then "write" the file onto a writable-CD using Adaptec Toast 4. You can get the MPEG Power Professional at Note that Heuris's $99 MPEG Exporter will NOT let you make a VCD. Only the Power Professional will will make it "Adaptec acceptable".

-- John (, June 16, 2000.

-- John (, June 16, 2000.

To me, 500 bucks seems like WAY too much money to create VCD MPEG-1s on a Mac!!! You can buy a dedicated VCD recorder for about that much money.

I tried Query's software (demo) and it seemed kind of flakey and unpolished (I never got it working).

I have never seen a slick, easy program to do this on the Mac. Hopefully something will be announced at Macworld Jan 2000 in a week or two.

Can the standard Heuris MPG work on a PC??

-- Doug (, December 26, 2000.

Creating a Video CD on a Mac is painless, although I had a few missteps early on. I tried several CD's which recorded, but did not play on my Sony DVD Player. ( The player couldn't find the CD)

If you use a CD-RW disk you won't have any problems. They have a darker film inside which the DVD players can't see through, unlike a CD which seems "clear" to a DVD player. The Sony DVD can't read a homemade Audio CD either, unless it's burnt on a CD-RW.

I use Roxio(Formerly Adaptec) Toast Titanium 5.0 which works very easily. It was worth the $89 bucks for the program. I use a Que drive 12x burner, and the current media I use has a 4x burn speed.

I movie 2.0 easily accepts my firewire DV camcorder, and I can import jpeg still images into the program.

If anything, the Video CD does have some quality limitations and you can notice a pixelization during fast movements. Hope th

-- Roger De Muth (, April 18, 2001.

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