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The software I'm using is Nero 5, LSX MPEG Encoder, & BBMPEG. When I encode a MPEG2 file using LSX, in Nero it says it is not a MPEG2 ready file yet I have the size 480x480 and the audio is 224. If I use BBMPEG and use the SVCD setting, Nero does not show any errors. It writes the disk, but my DVD will not play the track. When I put the disc in my JVC DVD Player (Which plays Video CDs just fine), it shows the VCD logo like I can play the disc, it goes to track one with a counter and the screen is blank. Thanks for any help.

-- Jay (, June 06, 2000


Using LSX encoder to create SVCD is neatly described here by J Kratz.

Try downloading the SVCD CIF and burning that to a CD-R - see if your player can accept that. My Pioneer 302 did.

-- guy nicholson (, June 06, 2000.

Jay it sounds to me that the DVD player probably will not play SVCD. However, it could also be what you have setup in the encoders. My Philips 725 DVD does not mention SVCD in the hand book but it plays except that I have had trouble playing VBR encodes because of something called "underflow" that bbMPEG reports. I could only actually play a auto CBR encode and not any LSX at all, but then I am in PAL and not NTSC so there maybe a difference.

for more details of the tests.

-- Ross McL (, June 06, 2000.

Hi it's Jay, thanks for all of the help. I downloaded one of those *.cif disc images. It did not work with my DVD Player (just like the one I made). I would say my DVD player will not play SVCD, but it plays VCDs just fine.

-- Jay (, June 07, 2000.

When you burn the cd in nero MAKE SURE there is a duration time. If not you need to fix it your mpeg file. You can use the panasonic encoder to do this.

3 things are needed to make the vcd.

1. CD Burning Software: Nero is THE BEST OF THE BUNCH!

- I have tried videopack 4, adaptec ezcd creator, winoncd, and almost EVERY ONE OUT THERE. Nero will burn it at any mpeg bitrate setting, as long as you have the TIME duration written in the mpeg and made to the proper size (ntsc/pal). (It will or won't appear in the file information even before you burn) Don't burn it if it isn't there. Fix your mpeg and look again in the Nero file information of your mpeg.

2. CDR CD-RW media that will play in your player. CD-RW seem to always be the best bet and even better if you screw up somewhere. (You can use the cd again!)

3.) A newer dvd player -surf the net and find information on one that does work with vcd (most newer ones do)


-- Billy Boy, Boy, BOy (, August 28, 2000.

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