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I heard that VCD 2.0 has better video quality than VCD 1.1. How is that accomplished? Does it support a higher bitrate? Currently I am using 1123Kbit/sec for my video data. Can I go any higher than that?

-- Stephen Li (, June 06, 2000


The VCD standards are all the same image quality. Version 2.0 has a few extra features like the possibility to add still image menus and stuff.

Only the newly introduced SVCD standard is allowed to contain better image quality.

The VCD standard is quite old by now. Keep in mind that it was introduced with a certain product in mind: A single speed CD player with an MPEG 1 decoder. That's why the approved bitrate is as rigid as it is. That's why the time a CDDA and a VCD can hold are exactly the same.

These days CD drives are capable of variable, multiple speeds, which is why one can stretch the standard a bit (both ways) and still expect to be able to play the results on DVD players and such. But strictly speaking anything deviating from the directed bitrate is NOT a VCD.

-- Ulrich Schreglmann (, June 06, 2000.

unless your making a super vcd or an xvcd

-- Doug (, June 06, 2000.


-- sedat (, February 15, 2001.

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