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My sister had to leave her home, job, and all possesions to save her life and her daughters life. I need to show her around so that she can familiarize quickly. When she and her daughters came over to visit me 2 years ago, we had to take her younger daughter to the emergency room 6 times due to asthma attacks. My husband's car is pretty old now (14 years)and not reliable at all. I could use any possible suggestion to find either a new or a certified used wagon or sport utility vehicle at a moderate price. My sister and daughters are my responsibility now and there is much stress and concern in our lifes. I will appreciate any help. Thank you.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2000


i'm not sure where you live, or what your financial abilities are, but try a police auction (seized cars, etc) and bring a friend if you can who knows something about cars. for a few hundred with a little luck you might land in something newer than fourteen years that's just been seized, etc, due to criminal activity. call the non- emergency number and ask--around here once a year or so they have a big one and advertise on the radio and TV. i've had several friends get cars this way that worked for at least a year or two, and for what you'd pay for two months of a "new" or "pre-owned" car from a dealership. best of luck and wishes to you and your sister and her daughter.

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2001

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