Zeiss 75mm f4.5 Biogon specs.

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Any idea where I may find info on the Zeiss 75mm - f4.5 Biogon, in terms of coverage and light fall off etc....? How do the compare to the Shcneider Super Angulons etc....? Would this lens work well with 4x5 format? There is no mention of this particular lens in the Zeiss web site. Thanks, T. Young

-- Todd Young (troutbum@gtii.com), June 06, 2000


The 75 Biogon covered 170mm. a 75mm 4.5 Grandagon N covers 195mm and the 6.8 covers 187mm

-- Bob Salomon (bobsalomon@mindspring.com), June 06, 2000.

The Zeiss lens you're talking about sometimes shows up on Ebay and is auctioned about $1600 up. In one of the ads I have seen, the seller wrote the lens weighs 4lb! Also from the picture, the lens is very massive and sticks out much like a Tele Nikkor lens. Not definetly for field use. There are pdf files available for Biogon 21mm and 28mm for Contax G mounts.

-- Masayoshi Hayashi (mhayashi_jp@yahoo.com), June 09, 2000.

On the 75mm f4.5 Zeiss Biogon Lens... I have two, and I wouldn't part with them for all the tea in China! Why, you ask.....Well, the reasons are many, and I will take the time to list them. The lens is FAST compared to other lenses in it's category. f4.5 is very handy when doing dimly lit interiors without the use of strobes. Most other lenses in this range are 5.6 and f8.0. BUT, the most desirable quality about this lens is that it DOES NOT require a "center filter." The light transmitted across the entire area of the film is the same top to bottom and sided to side. This is a fantastic advantage especially when shooting outside scenics and architecturals. The center filter can cost you as much as two f stops in the speed department. It can also cost you an arm and a leg in the wallet department. I had one that cost me over 400.00 for the 65mm Schneider. I sold both the lens and the filter and got my second 75mm. When it comes to sharpness, it is unsurpassed. Contrast is wonderful too. I have the one with the "Linhof" chrome band.....No different than the "surplus" lens in optical quality. The only problem with the lens is that you won't be mounting it on any flimsy "field" cameras. It is quite heavy. Close to 7 pounds. This lens far surpasses any other WA lens I have ever owned. If you can grab one on eBay or wherever in a barrel mount for 5-600.00 or less, and have S.K. Grimes mount it in a Copal shutter, you have done yourself the favor of a lifetime. It is truly a wonderful piece of glass... Mike Christ - 11-14-01 Lost Wages

-- Mike Christ (michrist@worldnet.att.net), November 14, 2001.

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