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I would appreciate comments on how this enlarger chassis compares, favorably or otherwise, to D5XL's. Is the micro-focusing attachment a plus or a pain?

-- Wayne (, June 06, 2000


Gee, is the micro focus control what designates a D6 instead of a D5? And all this time I thought that I had a D5 ...

Seriously, I like the micro focus very much. It's one of those features that I can't imagine not having - kind of like not having brakes for you car. It is so natural that I forget that it was an option.

-- David Grandy (, June 07, 2000.

The Omega D5 and D6 XLs are basically the same enlarger. The only real difference that you will notice is that the D5 has a trim plate on the front of the column that makes it look newer. Both enlargers have different knob designs, but cosmetics adside, they are the same. Both take the same heads, either condenser or color. If you really like the look of the D5 over the D6, you can purchase the front trim plate for the columm and mount it yourself. I have rebuilt a number of D2, D5 and D6 enlargers and they are all basically the same. There will certainly not be any difference in the quality of your prints between a D2, D5 or D6. I currently use a D5XL with a color head, a D5 head and chassis with a VC condenser head mounted on a D2 column and a Zone VI enlarger. I don't really need all of these, but parts and pieces came along at the right price and I couldn't help tinkering and rebuilding. So if you wind up with a D2, D5 or D6 you will be able to produce anything you desire. Rob

-- Rob Rielly (, August 16, 2000.

I forgot to answer your query about the micro focusing attachment. Being a gadget freak I decided that I needed these on my enlargers and so purchased one (used). In a short while, another one came into my possession, so both of my Omegas have them. My advice - save your money. The main focusing knob works just fine. I forgot to mention that I teach photography at a junior college and our lab is loaded with D5XLs and D6XLs. Some have the micro focusers and some do not, but performance is the same if you keep the enlarger shafts properly tensioned so that the focusing knob works smoothly. We have about 20 of these Omegas, and the parts have been swapped so much over the years that we have probably have invented and new enlarger - Omega Model D5/6XL version X1A or something. Enjoy your Omega - Rob

-- Rob Rielly (, August 16, 2000.

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