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I have Panasonic mpeg encoder and would like to get the best quality mpegs possible any suggestions on what settings I need to use? Also what plugins should I use to improve quality? I have made about 7 vcd's and the quality is ok alot of the motion seems to be blockish. Thank you in advance.

-- Tony Duckett (, June 06, 2000


for a regular or highrate vcd, i always use one of the panasonics filters, use this: go to advance settings, use the "video filter" ONLY!( Do not use the "noise filter it gives alot of after effects you dont want (unless your video is really horrid looking to begin with). So use the video filter, set to "adaptive" and then set it either for medium or strong. If it looks really good to begin with maybe go with medium. Sometimes if the filter is a little to high you may have a slight, hard to notice, but there, blur along the left side of your screen. This clears up a ton of blockiness and other crap you dont want.

-- Doug (, June 06, 2000.

You also try to increse data transfere rate to (1860), because bufer in this size is set to 100, then your movie will look fine but some dvd players do not want to play that VCD. Try

-- Stjepan (, May 24, 2001.

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