missing screenshot page wierdness

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The missing screen shot page has asome wierd output, possibly from the new game installations.


this link shows all the games that don't have a screenshot and the version where they were introduced. there is a 'mame36b?' version as follows:

m36b? offroadt (Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road Track Pack)

i was going to mail zwaxy but after "chris_moores" comment about zwaxy, i've gone into ambiguity with who zwaxy and chris_moore are :)

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2000


btw, i just uploaded a shot for offroadt so this doesn't show up anymore, but it might deserve a little checking out since it could indicate a problem with the new version games adding/changing.

these nvram intensive games are going to be a pain, luckily they work if you remove the nvram files or if you copy them before you record and then include them in the upload for others to use, but it will be easy to forget this....

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2000

I just checked the versions in the database, and there are indeed a couple of problems...

puzlclub was recently split into two sub-games, but the version given for when puzlclub originally appeared was 'm36', not 'm36rc2'. The 'top3' link can be used to find out when each game was added to MAME.

As for the 'm36b?' version, that's the default value for the 'version of MAME' field when updating the database. It looks like Pat just forgot to put the new version in there.

I'll fix the problems now.

Chris / Zwaxy

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2000

One other thing - these games:
all have a version of 'm36final'. We tend to use "mame36" to mean the final version, with m36b3 for the betas. I'm not sure what happened here, but I would have thought that all the split versions of a game should have the same version. We currently have this:
select short_name, long_name, original from gamedata where short_name 
like 'magdrop%' order by short_name

short_name long_name original

magdrop2-cm Magical Drop II (Challenge Mode) m34b7 magdrop2-smh Magical Drop II (Survival Mode Hard) m36final magdrop2-smm Magical Drop II (Survival Mode Medium) m34b7 magdrop3-cme Magical Drop III (Challenge Mode Easy) m34b5 magdrop3-cmn Magical Drop III (Challenge Mode Normal) m36final magdrop3-mj Magical Drop III (Magical Journey) m34b5 magdrop3-sme Magical Drop III (Survival Mode Easy) m34b5 magdrop3-smh Magical Drop III (Survival Mode Hard) m36final magdrop3-smn Magical Drop III (Survival Mode Normal) m36final

so it looks like I need to update all the magdrop2 versions to m34b7 and the magdrop3 versions to m34b5. That just leaves 'laser'. Was the really the only game added in mame36 final?

Zwax / Chris.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2000

I believe if someone can go through the database and change any entries from m36b? to m37b3 this should correct the problem. Also, Chris can you please change the default on the update screen to show m37b? instead of m36b?

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2000

I did that already... "I'll fix the problems now".

I just change the m36 to an m37 for you.

Night night! :o)


-- Anonymous, June 09, 2000

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