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The three lenses for the new Leica compatible Konica range finder camera have now been tested and can be compared with Leica and Contax lenses - see

I encouraged the people at Photodo both to test the Konica RF lenses, and for (historical) comparison, some of the Autoreflex Hexanons. They did the former but replied that there would be very little interest in the latter. I am sure that many of you would agree that buying advice in form of tests of Hexanons comparable to tests of modern lenses would indeed be valuable. Sometimes 20 year old lenses are in every respect comparable to the best of modern lenses, sometimes not. If you want to, make this point to the Photodo people, and we may get a resource of up to date lens data!


Peter Ulvskov

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2000


That webpage is neat, but how do they test those lenses? I e-mailed the owner of the site about rating the Konica Hexanon lenses, but he simply said that he did not have access to those lenses to conduct a review.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2000

MTF and M-Hexanon.

The Hexanon-M lenses are like pornography. You just can't shoot enough pictures with them. The 50/2, MTF ignored, is simply the best-shooting 50mm lens I have seen. Nice bokeh, better than Leica. I just got the 90/2.8 and I am testing it now. Too bad Konica won't take on Leica's 35/2 Summicron.

-- Anonymous, July 17, 2000

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