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I know that this subject has crossed this board a few times in the past, but I cannot find info on just the basics of making a VCD of digital photos.

I have been in digital photography for years and have thousands of photos that I would love to be able to play in VCD/DVD players, possibly to music. Is this possible? What would I need to do? What software is needed? Can I do this with NERO? (I use version 4 to burn VCD's currently.) Is there a limit to how many photos that can be played on a single vcd?

Please inform me as to my next step. Thanks to all in advance.

-- scot virnoche (, June 05, 2000



the way I do it and I guess that should be the simplest and most straight forward one : I do use ULEAD's Video Studio to put the pictures in order (5 seconds for each picture usually), put transition effects in, titles, sounds and music. After all that, it get's encoded to produce a nice PAL mpeg video stream. Nero finally makes my day by creating a VCD. The end product looks extremly good with the only down side that you can't jump to individual pictures on your CD.

Happy editing - OLLIE

-- Ollie (, June 05, 2000.

If you want to jump to and from individual pictures as well as use high resolution (704x576) go the WinOnCD Power Edition 3.7 way (with the latest patches). There will be no sound, though.

-- EMartinez (, June 06, 2000.

Try using Video Extended Editor in WinOnCD 3.7 Power Edition. Here you can insert pictures as slide show with additional background music.

-- Beni K. (, June 06, 2000.

Scot with so many digital photo's you will only do them justice if you use an edit program, all the burner software related programs that do it are very restrictive.

-- Ross McL (, June 08, 2000.

Try Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 Delux.

-- Duy Hoang (, November 03, 2000.

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