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Millennium Bug Misses
[Letter to 'Accountancy Age']

Regarding your story (Millennium bug hits 90,000 taxpayers, 18 May, p1), we are year 2000 compliant and we have not been 'hit' by a millennium bug.

Each year we rewrite our software to capture the updated version of the tax return. This year was no exception. We have experienced some problems getting this software to run on new Y2K compliant systems, which has delayed our normal release date.

We will, however, be able to capture 1999/2000 tax returns next month and people will have statements in their hands well in advance of the 31 January 2001 payment date. Our offices are able to deal with urgent repayment cases and they are doing so.

Nicola Walters, director of communications, Inland Revenue

-- Jim McAteer (, June 05, 2000

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