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does anybody out there know any MPEG Tools for "fade out" the last 2 seconds of a mpeg/avi file ?

-- Roberto Maureira (, June 05, 2000


It's never a good idea to still manipulate/edit anything in MPEG-1 because of the severe limitations of the format. If it is at all possible what you can do is limited to cut, paste, and even these are not frame-accurate, like the functions that VCDCutter offers. You have to do fades when your clip is still AVI. A cheap ($50 to $80) way to do this is with ULead Video Studio 4. Afterwards you can encode to MPEG. Okay, ULVS4 has features to manipulate in MPEG. But after making your final rendered clip, if it was originally MPEG, too, the final MPEG files are choppy and blocky in comparison as opposed to if the original source file was AVI.

-- EMartinez (, June 06, 2000.

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