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Ah - a Newbie writes! Hello all - a question re: the ATI Wonder Card with associated wires and inputs. New PC (win 98 if that makes any diff) delivered Saturday morning with Card already installed, tested picture utilising the TV functionality yesterday - no sound. Went through the ATI FAQ, now have horrifically scratchy sound. sorry to be new, but these initial questions will cease very shortly I have no doubt. Is this problem purely with the TV is my initial thought - we're about to upgrade our video camera to a digital one in order to start making wee films and animations, so if we're sucking in from the camera, will that sound actually be fine? If the FAQ doesn't go quite far enough I'd appreciate all information anyone may have.

-- Cait Hurley (, June 05, 2000


The ATI AIW outputs audio via a wire to your sound card to "line-in". You did not mention what sound card u have, but I would check to see where the ati card plugs into your sound card, then check all the settings in the software for your sound card. Start by right clicking on the speaker icon--lower right task bar--most settings interface between windows and your sound cards software--they are scattered all over the place.

-- mike velte (, June 06, 2000.

check your sound settings in the AIW Program. If you want VCD quality then set the audio K/bs to 224-119. If your low, around 64- 90 k/bs then you get scratchy sound.

-- Nathan Partridge (, October 31, 2000.

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