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I tried using Nero Burning ROM in creating VCD. No error at all and it accepted my data and it finished burning without any problem. But when I played it first in my PC it says something like " ... cannot find entry files ...". I tried to play it with VCD player, it looks like it's playing but there's nothing show-up in the screen but blank and black screen. I tried to play it also on my Onkyo DVD, but it says Disc Error. Same MPEG files I burnt using EZ CD Creator and it works fine with PC and VCD Player but not with Onkyo DVD.

Is there's something that I'm missing using Nero Burner? Also, is Onkyo DVD Player doesn't accept any home made VCDs using CD-R?

Thank you very much for any tip that you can give and thanks for this forum also, I've learn a lot of things.


-- Jojo N (, June 04, 2000


Here we go: Onkyo DVD players do not recognize CD-R and most CD-RW.

-- EMartinez (, June 06, 2000.

what about my problem with nero?

thanks again.


-- Jojo N (, June 06, 2000.

Hi, I'm a salesman dealing with AV products. The best DVDs I encountered so far will be Pioneer or Philips, Teac is also good as it plays almost any kind of a disc. Best way is to bring along your software when purchasing a new DVD player. Hope it is of some help.

-- Tay Lay Kiat (, September 11, 2001.

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