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Ecoding with TMPEG for VCD in PAL format, I found the audio part chopped when this VCD played in VCD or DVD standalone players. The TMPEG I use is the version with English patched. I agreed that the picture quality is better than Panasonic software endoder's. But the audio part it encoded is not up to the standard.

Many hardware and software mpeg1 encoders produce audio problem when the encoded mpeg file is used in VCD. I found a Korean product frankly stated in its user menu that the audio part of the mpeg files should be edited with CoolEdit before to make a VCD. So beware that it may take you another hour's of work for your few minutes of pieces.

-- P.Y. Fung (, June 04, 2000


Exactly what part of the audio is to be processed, and how, by CoolEdit before VCD creation??

-- EMartinez (, June 04, 2000.

As I have a Mpegator encoder card, I split an existing MPEG system stream (containing both video and audio) into two elementary streams using its MPEG Demultiplexer utility. The audio stream *.mp2 will be opened with CoolEdit and then copy and paste to a new file. Save the file as another *.mp2 and you can combine this new audio stream with the video one by using the multiplexer utility.

CoolEdit can open this audio file only by installing a small mpeg audio patch which I forgot where it comes from because I have abandoned Mepgator for quite a long time. Opening a ten minutes *.mp2 files may take twenty minutes in a Pentium 233 system, and save the file for another thirty to forty minutes.

-- P.Y. Fung (, June 05, 2000.

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