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"I suspect that being in a serious relationship has lulled me into a form of lazy complacency about my life...realized that just because he and I are committed doesn't mean I can stop being an interesting person."

You said it - think about it a few more times, too. Do you really think that you were doing all those creative and healthy activities just because you needed to kill some time when you were single? Or were they fulfilling in other ways?

Can your lethargy be chalked up to anything else - health, weather, cycles of some sort?

Entropy takes a conscious, strong effort to break out of, but once you start doing one thing again you ay be motivated to do more. (I recommend starting with the yoga, even just doing it at home, but that's me.)

Also, perhaps Mark is complaining about your laziness because he fell in love with the person who was doing all those interesting things for herself, and doesn't want you to be a lump on the sofa just waiting for him all the time.

You know?

-- Javina (, June 03, 2000

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