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I have'nt needed any help focusing even with my reading glasses until now! I just hated to admit that maybe age has anything to do with it!! Anyway I'm looking for opinions on grain focusers, Magna Sight, Microsight etc. Thanks Dan

-- Dan Bruner (, June 03, 2000


I'm using a Microsight. It is easily used even when wearing my bi-focals. You must keep to the center of the neg for the easiest focusing.

-- Robert Orofino (, June 03, 2000.

with my bi-focals I use Minisight by Bestwell Optical Instruments of Merrick, NY. Since I use only double wt. papers I attached a piece to fit the base and have never had a problem focusing. Regards, Pat

-- pat j. krentz (, June 03, 2000.

Another vote for Microsight. Quick and easy to use.

-- Paul Harris (, June 04, 2000.

Minisight... and all the ....sight's are nice and solid devices.

I only recently got mine after focusing by eye for many years. Don't know how i got on without it!

-- Nigel Smith (, June 04, 2000.


-- Terry Carraway (, June 04, 2000.


(Though it's not a grain focuser brand, but something that might be worth reading before getting one.)

-- Thomas Wollstein (, June 05, 2000.

I prefer the Magna Sight. It's not a grain focuser but it can be used all around the frame and it's easy to look through.

-- Tim Brown (, June 05, 2000.

Get the Micromega critical focuser. Nothing else as precise. Costs more and worth every penny.

-- Alec (, June 05, 2000.

I use a gang darkroom and have a half dozen grain focusers of various brands. Few of them focus at the same point. Two of the same expensive brand focus at different points. I have noticed that the actually prints show no difference in focus to the naked eye because I always print stopped down a couple of F-stops. The point is that quality control on even the expensive models is lax. Use and compare before you buy, if you have the chance. Frank

-- frank Ward (, June 09, 2000.

Have used a Magna site for years. Pic's are always in focus!


-- Steve L. Agnew (, June 19, 2000.

Another vote for MagnaSight. I've never felt the need of a grain focuser - with the Magna, I just move around and fine-focus on a couple of details (a strand of hair, pattern of bricks, etc.) and focus isn't ever a problem, even with big blowups like my Minox negs.

-- Michael Goldfarb (, June 19, 2000.

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