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I' m tired of playing games using the keyboard as inputdevice and like to use a simple joystick. I still have an old "Arcade" joystick which still works fine on my commodore 64. I noticed that its connector is DB-9 style, as the COM-ports on my PC. I' ve already plugged it in and it fits fine, but it's not working... Do I have to install special drivers for it under Windows ( '98 ) or is it just not meant to work on the COM-Port ? If so, is there a way to make it work or do I just have to buy a new joystick ? :-(

Thanx very much to anyone who can help me in any way...


-- LTD (, June 03, 2000


Yes and no

No bacouse you can't use yor c64 joy in the com, but you can plug it into the parallel port via a very simple interface.

go to to find drivers and schematic of this interface, it's very simple, just 2 resistence.

Note: The "arcade" joy rulez :)

-- Giovanni Solinas (, June 04, 2000.

This sounds great all i need now is an atari joystick or/a competition pro 5000!! Are there any place that sell on-line?

Thanks jonathan

-- Jonathan dunne (, July 11, 2000.

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