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I'm a Sacramentan (?) who, although has not seen nor participated in your work, admire the concept greatly. I have a task for anyone interested. My best friend is getting married in S.F. in July and I'm treating him and twelve of his friends to a night of chaos, debauchery--the whole friggin' nine yards--in San Francisco, on July 1st. I need a few Cacophonists with a flair for the adventurous, surreal, and unabashed irreverence to pose as characters at speicific locations with a specific character perameters and a speicific task with which to involve my friend. These locations will most likely be bars (don't fret, I'll buy the drinks), but may be on the street, or any number of locales. Because you will be assuming a character, this will also involve a costume, either created by you, or, if need be, rented by me. Although I have an idea of the kind of thing I want, I invite you to use your individual creativty to invoke the bizarre, the naughty, the insanely funny, to help me create an unforgettable experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. This is my friend--I don't want him harmed, flogged or unable to perform on his wedding night as a result of our schemes. 2. This is a bachelor party--I want craziness, with a touch of cleverness. I invite you female cacophonists with more libidinous leanings to use your imagination. (If it means anything, this guy is a fun, respectful, good looking, 31 year old orthodonist). 3. He will be going from one bar to the next by some means of transportation--walking, cab, etc. If anyone has a strange man-made contraption (a two-man tricycle, a man-drawn carriage--something that will draw attention) please let me know. I am also looking for someone that will be willing to drive us around in a rented van to our destinations--full costume will certainly be required for that role. This seems to be something this crowd can sink their teeth into. What a better way to spend an hour on a Saturday night. If anythinkg about this piques your interest, please contact me.


-- Darby Brannigan (, June 02, 2000


Just curious , 4 years later. Did you pull it off and have a great time?

-- marcie flint (, August 07, 2004.

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