Hankscraft switch motors

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Where can I buy the Switchmaster/Hankscraft slow motion switch motor that is so highly recommended in Allan Gartner's info pages?

-- Don Vollrath (dvollrath@magnetek.com), June 02, 2000


Easy! They are in the Walther's Catalog. I also thought Standard Hobbies carried them, but I don't see them in the magazine I just checked.

Hankscraft is the manufacturer of the motor. I've been meaning to try to buy from them direct. If you go for this, let us know how you make out. Realize they probably sell wholesale and may require you to make a minimum purchase.

-- Allan Gartner (WiringForDCC@augustmail.com), June 07, 2000.

The Hankscraft motors are available from American Switch & Signal. Request info from jfpautz@pwrtc.com

-- John F. Pautz (jfpautz@pwrtc.com), December 02, 2002.

CC Crow has acquired Builders in Scale and currently supplies all Switchmaster Motors and accessories. I've just purchased another batch from him. Nice guy, too.

-- Jim Felt (jim@studio3.com), February 26, 2004.

go to www.HANKSCRAFT.com or www.HMIMOTORS.com and buy them direct!

-- a (a@yahoo.com), May 05, 2004.

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