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Have you ever gone on a driving road trip? Where did you go? Did you have fun? What advice do you have?) (I'm planning a road trip and want some ideas...)

-- Liz (, June 02, 2000


I have been on a few. My most recent was for Memorial Day Weekend. Me and a couple buds threw some camping gear in the back of my Cherokee and headed north out of LA. We had a book that listed camps in SoCal and figured we'd find something. We ended up having a great time staying in Morrow Bay and Big Sur. Half the fun was the drive along the coast, it was really breathtaking.

But I doubt you're going to make it that for west. The best road trippin' I know of is up in the Yellowstone and Grand Tetons area, the driving is just amazing in "Big Sky" country. The secret to road trippin' is to find stuff along the drive each day to stop off at for a break. Stuff like Ruby Falls or Wall Drug, whatever.

My best road trip was from gold old Miami U. to LA. My brother and I drove to Breckenridge, CO. to meet my cousin there for a few days, then we went north to Yellowstone and met a friend working there for the summer. Then down through Utah, and then to Vegas, which was the last stop before home.

So what are your plans, Liz? Or did you already go?


-- Andy (, July 05, 2000.

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