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Help! I have finished capturing over 4 hrs of video and realize now that audio was captured at an unacceptable format!!

The audio is actually background music that I would rather just get rid of anyway. Is there any way for me to remove the audio track from the AVI files using **free** software? I've tried virtualdub and AVI Edit but they don't work.

Please help!!!!

-- Lou (, June 02, 2000



What is the eventual destination of the video? Do you plan on making a VCD? If so, you will need to convert the .Avi to MPEG1 at VCD rate. Once it is in MPEG format, you can use a demuxer such as the free TmpgEnc to split the video and audio into 2 seperate files, one video and one audio. You can use the free avi2mpeg program at

If you need it in .avi, you can always convert the .m1v (mpeg video only) stream back to .avi with mpeg2avi program.

Good Luck.

-- EG Marshall (, June 02, 2000.

Hi Lou,

I just tried to remove sound from one of my avi with virtualdub and it worked fine.

Here is what to do: Open your avi file in virtualDub Choose Video tab, set video to direct stream copy Choose Audio tab, set audio to no audio Save AVI (F7), give it a new name, ok you now have an AVI with the same codec as before with no sound

good luck


-- Anh Tuan (, June 02, 2000.

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